About Us
Dr. Fred Wilson and his wife, Katrina, together founded Christ Life Church, an interdenominational, interracial church in 1977.
Dr. Fred now serves as Bishop at Christ Life (now lifepointe church where his son, Jeff, is lead pastor) and assists with special assignments as needed. He also travels nationally and internationally. Dr. Fred's book 'All They Want is Your Money' is now available at the E-Store check it out!

Katrina is an ordained minister, author, speaker & instructor at Beacon University who also travels nationally and internationally. Known for her teaching and practical insight into the Word. Her messages are inspiring and humorous. An expert teacher on the subject of 'Dreams' with in-depth biblical and scientific insight on what dreams are and how to interpret them. The course materials for 'The Ministry of Angels' and 'Understanding and Interpreting Your Dreams' are available in our E-Store for those who want a more indepth study.

Dr. Fred and Katrina are experienced ministers who continue to travel extensively sharing the Good News and training Christian leaders! They have led many mission trips around the world - from Mexico to China and have conducted 15 tours to Israel.

Dr Fred and Katrina are the proud parents of four grown children who are active in ministry and are trying to keep up with and be a good Pops and Nana to their nine grandchildren.

For booking Dr. Fred Wilson or Pastor Katrina Wilson or to have them both come together, please call the office at 937-435-9055 or contact them through the Contact Us page on this website.